Brk shapes the future for residents in the retirement home

Brk shapes the future for residents in the retirement home

With the new building, 36 residents’ places were created on three levels. In the meantime, some seniors have already moved into their new domicile. One of them is isova zipfel. The 91-year-old has been living in the BRK senior citizens’ home for two and a half years and suffers from dementia.

Not an easy situation for their relatives. Grandma was originally cared for at home, according to her grandson-in-law, jurgen kempf. Finally, when isova zipfel began to struggle with dementia and the disease progressed, the caregivers’ ability to cope with the strain had reached its limits.

Jurgen kempf and the other members of the family often visit their mother, or rather grandmother. They are convinced that their grandmother will be in good hands in the extension building. "We had never been able to give them this kind of care at home!".

Here, everything is coarser, modern and the residential groups are optimal for dementia patients. They have their own communal space, their own kitchen, but they also have the possibility to retreat. They are also cared for by qualified staff. They are not isolated, but can participate in life without having to give up a private sphere.

What is so special about the extension, which was specially designed for dementia patients?. In each residential area, twelve residents are individually cared for by daily companions who have completed a special training course at the high franconia school of nursing for the elderly and by nursing specialists. In the so-called residential group concept, the focus is on living, cooking and being together in spacious, light-flooded living and lounge areas. It’s about quality of life for dementia patients, about integrating them as far as possible into normal life, about giving them as good an evening as possible. It should be a home for the residents.

With this project, the BRK district association is also preparing for the future. The existing BRK senior citizens’ home is currently being renovated. The work is to be completed by spring 2014.
As the BRK district chairman, oswald marr, explained, the 28-year-old BRK senior citizens’ home was getting on in years. People are getting older and the demands on such a home have changed. The renovation will create more single-bed rooms in particular. But the most important thing in a senior citizens’ home is the people who live and work there. The important thing here is that "there is a good spirit".
Marr also spoke of a difficult balancing act. On the one hand, it’s about keeping up with the times, but on the other hand, the costs have to stay within reasonable limits. With regard to the renovation phase in the existing BRK senior citizens’ home, he spoke of a feat of strength. He asked all those involved to do their part to ensure that this project "goes off without a hitch".

BRK’s managing director, roland beierwaltes, pointed out that the age of the population in the district of kronach is already three years above the bavarian average. The BRK district association has to face this demographic challenge. In this context, the health management of the BRK was also mentioned, in which it is a matter of supporting the employees with regard to health activities, or – if possible – making their work easier.

The architect jorg detsch described the project. He called it interesting, already and demanding. He thanked the construction company, the managing director roland beierwaltes, the BRK chairman marr and above all the employees, who always "thought along" during the construction phase have.
The church consecration was performed by pastors brigitte staufer and susanne treber. Rainer lohr and the BRK pensioners’ band provided the musical accompaniment.

A total of 4.2 million euros was invested. 300.The BRK received 000 euros from the german aid organization, from funds of the ARD television lottery "ein platz an der sonne" (a place in the sun).

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