Board enjoys trust

The "forderverein haus fischbachtal" has confirmed the board of directors in its annual general meeting. Chairman thilo moosmann, who has only been in office for two years, thanked his colleagues on the board and the members for the good cooperation and the many voluntary efforts to support the institution of the german order.

The house fischbachtal is a therapeutic community for chronically alcoholic or drug dependent women and men. The facility creates an environment in which existing resources can be rediscovered, skills and talents can be challenged, and self-esteem and self-confidence can be strengthened.

Meaningful leisure activities

The emphasis is on a holistic challenge to health, on structuring the daily routine through regular work and on achieving a zest for life through meaningful and varied leisure activities.

The forderverein was founded in 2005. The non-profit association sees its main task in supporting and challenging the work at haus fischbachtal. The association pays 66 members, of which five are institutions.

A donation for the purchase of chairs for the team room proved to be very helpful. The association will help to finance the christmas presents for the residents.

The house fischbachtal can celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2020. For this purpose, facility manager gerhard steidl announced the 12th anniversary of the association. July known.

Treasurer tanja raupach was able to announce a positive annual result. Treasurer patrick schnepff thanked her for the good and clear bookkeeping.

Gerhard steidl spoke about the current status of the new construction of the adjacent building. After completion, the building will house the assembly area, the janitor’s office and the grounds maintenance department. Also integrated are the offices of the two work supervisors, the miniature golf kiosk and a toilet for the disabled.

In closing, the old and new chairman thanked everyone for their willingness to volunteer in the service of a good cause.

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