Bike path and parking surveillance on the kreuzberg are the main concerns of the people of hallerndorf

More than 50 interested people attended the opening event of the castle meetings of the municipality of hallerndorf, as mayor torsten gunselmann (G) was pleased to note.

The brochure on ten highlights of the region, which was produced thanks to the allianz regnitz-aisch, was on display on the tables. Gunselmann pointed out that the associated real estate portal could be used by all burgers. With this, the allianz wants to offer its burghers the opportunity to offer vacant properties or building plots to interested parties.

In the discussion, some citizens pointed out that there were also supporters of a supermarket in pautzfeld. In response to the question of whether the municipality could also influence the design of the building, gunselmann said that the investor and rewe decide on this and that the municipality has only a limited ability to influence it.

Originally, a gas station, a drugstore and other commercial properties were to be built in addition to the full-service retailer. Now only the slimmed-down version is up for debate.

In response to an urgent question from a burgher about when a bike path would finally be built between the outskirts of hallerndorf and the junction to the kreuzberg, the mayor had to admit that it would be difficult to realize the bike path there: "we first need the flat from the owners." A citizen wants a playground near the "boint" construction area in hallerndorf. Another citizen urges that consideration be given to the elderly and that day care or assisted living facilities be established in hallerndorf.

Some citizens also spoke out in favor of parking surveillance in the kreuzbergstrabe area. One of them asked the councillors to put this issue on the agenda of their next meeting.

The burgers’ meeting was a good place to inform the burgers of the initial results of the integrated urban development concept. Diana thrum from the "arc grun" office, the team that was commissioned to draw up the concept presented these results. Similar to the village renewal, such a concept is the basis for the projects, which are later requested with a grant. The inventory analysis showed that hallerndorf is a green community with a pond landscape. Thanks to the bypasses, traffic congestion in the community is relatively low, making hallerndorf an attractive place to live for an increasing number of people. But without the participation of the citizens, such a concept can only capture part of the reality. Thrum called on the people of hallerndorf to participate in the site visits and later in the project workshops.

First tour of the site on saturday

Right on saturday, 10. November, the first site walk will take place directly in hallerndorf; it will start at 10 a.M. At the town hall square. In willersdorf, this was adopted on 16. And 19. January and in trailsdorf on 23. And 26. January planned.

In the outlook, torsten gunselmann pointed out that the designation of new building and commercial land is urgently needed: "we have a rough demand, but no more free municipal building sites." All the buildings were privately owned.

He announced that the hallerndorf christmas market will take place on the last weekend in november as a pre christmas market. He also informed that the agenda and decisions of the municipal council meetings are available on the new infoportal.

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