Bad kissingen: salinenblick becomes a health center

Bad kissingen: salinenblick becomes a health center

For two and a half years the salinenblick has been closed. Now walkers can see in the evening that the building is lit up again. The guest rooms have been renovated in recent weeks so that all kinds of health courses can be held there in the future – from pilates and yoga to autogenic training, nutritional counseling and couples therapies. Patricia purkert and meike seltmann are transforming the pub into the new "sinneszeit" seminar and health center.

"It is important to us that we have a wide range of offers", says meike seltmann. The center is able, for example, to accompany a woman through different stages of her life, such as courses for pregnancy, postnatal courses, courses with babies and courses for older children. In principle, courses are planned for all genders and all age groups. "We can already cover all target groups", says purkert.

Bundling course offerings

26-year-old meike seltmann actually comes from a sales background. Since she became a mother, she has been giving freelance kanga training, i.E. Fitness courses for mothers with their babies, in bad kissingen and the surrounding area. Patricia purkert (43) comes from wurzburg and originally worked as a technical draftswoman and graphic designer. She took over a yoga studio in schweinfurt, which she developed into a holistic health center. For private reasons, they gave it up again after two years. "But i have continued to pursue the concept", she says.

Together with seltmann, she now wants to realize her concept at salinenblick. The seminar and health center brings together a diverse team of freelance course leaders, trainers, therapists and consultants. The advantage for the teachers: "everyone can place their offer here the way they want to", says purkert. For customers, it is an advantage that the center presents many courses clearly in one place.

The center has met with lively interest from course instructors. "Our course plan is growing and growing. We have many new inquiries, says purkert. And: "the response to the fact that something is happening again at salinenblick is amazing", notes seltmann. The owners have wanted to sell the property for some time. Even though the ownership situation may change, the two women consider the site to be ideal for their purposes: the quiet location in the meadow, sufficient parking space and the bright, coarse rooms are plus points for them. But they are also positive about the fact that there is still plenty of room for development in the building and in the outdoor area.

Purkert from wurzburg became aware of the salinenblick because of her husband christian dorner. As a resident of bad kissingen, he has many childhood memories of the place with its miniature golf and children’s go-kart track. "It’s wonderful here, isn’t it?, finds dorner. The couple wanted to move away from wurzburg anyway for personal reasons. When they found out that there was a rental apartment available at salinenblick, they decided on bad kissingen.

Eliminating the consequences of the howa bankruptcy

Not only in the au, but also in the city center, changes are on the horizon. For the fashion store adam& eve in ludwigstrabe is the end of the line. Currently the sale of space is underway. "We are slowly starting to clear the field. Our lease expires in the summer and the VR bank didn’t want to make any more long-term leases, explains owner daniela schmitt-gerlach. Whether it continues for the store in another place, they leave open.

Rainer geis, spokesman for the board of directors of VR-bank bad kissingen, explains that the bank plans to modernize the aging building in the next few years. "Something must be done", he says. A demolition with a new building is also conceivable. The rental contracts were harmonized long ago so that they will end in 2019. However, the bank is not able to start the modernization at the moment, but will probably not be able to do so until 2021. In the meantime, the businessmen can continue to use the rented rooms. "Only in the long term nothing can be done at the moment, but afterwards gladly again.", stressed geis.

The next change is at the market place. Daniele rauschenbach wants to give up her cafe lavazza after easter and instead take over the rossini opposite the regentenbau starting in may. "There I have double the seats and a beautiful location", she says. Like the lavazza, the rossini will not have a hot kitchen, instead it will continue the cafe business. For the location at the market place rauschenbach is looking for a new tenant. The rossini was one of the properties hit by the howa bankruptcy. After the city cafe it is the second with new operator. The private owners have thus eliminated the consequences of the howa bankruptcy; only the free state is still looking for a tenant for the casino restaurant.

The second closure concerns ludwigstrabe again: the old-established reform store anita vieth will therefore close down. Employees explain this to customers. An official information of the owner on inquiry of this editorship gave it not.

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