Soder's 61-billion package and a small victory for the opposition

Three months after prime minister markus soder’s government declaration, the CSU has decided on numerous political priorities in the state parliament and secured the financing. The opposition’s massive criticism of the 61-billion-euro supplementary budget and the various amendments – including the creation of a border police force, a state office for asylum, the reestablishment of a supreme state court and the passage of the mental health assistance law – was inconsequential on wednesday, however, because of the CSU’s absolute majority of the votes.

There was only one point on which the SPD, the greens and the free voters were allowed to throw a spanner in the works: the votes needed to change the constitution for the planned limitation of the term of office for bavarian minister presidents were not to be obtained, according to the opposition’s previous announcements. A two-thirds majority in the state parliament is needed to change the constitution. But the opposition refused to support it, seeing the mabnahme as nothing more than an electoral manover.

Expensive election gifts?

At least financially, the state parliament paved the way for the implementation of soder’s other announcements from his first government declaration in april. The increase in the budget to 61 billion euros is already the second time the budget has been revised. He now also secures the political priorities announced by soder, such as the introduction of a state care allowance and a bavarian family allowance. Both payments are to be made from september onwards – i.E. Before the state elections on 14 october. October – to be paid to applicants.

Fuchsstadt is well prepared for the derby

FC fuchsstadt – DJK schwebenried (saturday, 4 p.M.) in time for the "regular highlight of the season, according to FC coach martin halbig, the "foxes (8./17) played in form with the 3:0 victory in rollbach. And thus on points drawn level with the DJK schwebenried/schwemmelsbach (9), which has recently been somewhat weak./17). Even dominik schonhofer's side were unable to halt the winning streak of top-ranked vatan spor aschaffenburg in a 2-1 defeat at home a week ago. "They played really well, so a point would not have been undeserved", said the FC coach martin halbig watching the match. The djkler's performance was worthy of all honor, but after a good start to the season, the team has fallen into a bit of a rut. The leaders of the fourth-place team in the preseason had a lot planned for this round in view of the promising newcomers. In addition to the two lengfelders andreas jazev and kevin markert, the DJK coach had placed high hopes on ex-05er jannik goller, the younger brother of rottershausen goalkeeper julian goller, as well as the long-time gochsheimer high achiever tino kummer. In fact, the quartet managed the jump into the regular formation and seemed to let the departure of the routiniers sebastian heinlein, simon weibenberger and dominik barth to get over. But right at the beginning of the season the team had to accept a severe personnel setback, their young midfielder yannick deibl injured himself so badly that he was out for a long time due to an operation on his ankle and will probably not be able to play in the derby either. "Deibl is one of the best players in the league. You can hardly compensate for such a loss", female half.

Progress in play as well

The FC coach himself goes into this match with rough expectations. "On the one hand, the personnel situation has improved recently, on the other hand, the team is making progress in terms of play, only the exploitation of opportunities could be even better." Guarantee of the successes was in particular the defense row, where the bartel brothers harmonize ever better with their nebenleuten.

And goal-scorer dominik halbig (11 goals in the season) seems to be on the right track after the return of his congenial partner "jogo" feser even more effective. "Two dangerous attackers tie up opposing defenders more than just one", so the realization of the FC coach, the last missing simon bolz, philipp pfeuffer and tim kolb again to the verfugugungs stand. Only behind the employment of lukas lieb stands a question mark. Michael emmer will not play for professional reasons.

There was soon high spirits in the hall after the start at 2 p.M. With the joyful momentum, many an "old man" had a bad feeling likes to swing his dancing leg. But the dance floor was naturally left to the children. The children scurried around the dance floor from two to 14 years old.
There were dance attempts to admire, timid steps, but also stormy crossing of the dance floor. And there were always little ones who picked up the confetti on the floor and threw it over the others’ disguises. A popular performance for the girls was "princess, as ever, the boys were dominated by policemen and cowboys.
Mayor jochen partheymuller and the municipal councilors were all "on board. According to the old tradition, they also took care of the physical well-being and gave each child a free bratwurst and a limo. Jochen partheymuller managed the entertainment in the hall with games such as journey to jerusalem, balloon dancing or eating carrot heads, which was a lot of fun for everyone. This time, the little ones led the polonaise themselves, with the burgermeister smurf, who was to form the head of the snake, in tow.

Today we have a cupboard!

Disgusting rotten meat, the swindle with horse meat, the scam with organic eggs, and not to forget the BSE affair: those who are on the lookout for good food have often hit a snag in the recent past. Well, this play on words may not be very appropriate. But: it helps us wonderfully with the transition to the event of a coburg association, which seems only logical and consistent in view of the scandals that have been uncovered. According to the invitation there is a "spindesssen". Sure, before things are consumed, whose origin is unclear, then nevertheless rather a cultivated cabinet eat – and all remain so to speak on metal. When asked whether the aquaria had discarded some of his lockers and made them available for consumption, everything becomes clear: it's a "spintessen. We wish you bon appetit – and we know very well that it is dangerous to make fun of other people's spelling mistakes. As the saying goes: he who sits in the slaughterhouse, should not throw with pigs. 

city council is the wrong place for an atlantis debate

For a brief moment, it seemed, peter simon pondered at wednesday night’s city council meeting what the mayor meant by "questions of fundamental importance" understand moge. After all, the city councillor of the greens considered the proposal of his faction to be fundamental. Because in the public one had found a very high resonance, he said.

The greens had made the request that the bathing hours and prices in the recreational pool atlantis should be reviewed. In the opinion of the group, the atlantis is too expensive and too inflexible in its time. Therefore, three requests were made: the daily rate should be made more favorable, especially for families; the swimmers should get their own rate and have at least an hour and a half instead of just one hour; children up to 14 years of age should be admitted free of charge.

Not the most expensive

Mayor german hacker (SPD) did not want to start a discussion in the city council. "Price debates do not belong here", he said. The management and the supervisory board of herzo bader und verkehrs gmbh are responsible for this. We are in a market, hacker added. Also, the atlantis is not the most expensive bath in franconia. "We are in competition. Each bath has its character".

Saturday evening 20:45 in front of the schlenkerla. Once again the traffic jammed and it was almost impossible to get through. It felt like one step forward and two steps back. But it was interesting how differently people dealt with the urge. Then the mother called to the father: "robert, have you got the little one??" Another one explained to his wife: "this is only at the schlenkerla, but it goes faster again." And an unknown person shouted out his "staufrust": "damn, there is fei more beer than just the schlenkerla"."

This snapshot shows that even on the third day of the sandkerwa the stream of visitors did not stop. In the midst of the hustle and bustle there were four musicians with their big alphorns. Amazing on the one hand how they maneuvered the meter high horns through the crowd and on the other hand how they always managed to find a place for their horns to be played.

The ascent of the decorated boats, which were accompanied by fireworks and groovy music from the canned goods, was also a major attraction. It was sounded on a moving scarf, which was moving from markusbrucke in the direction of the old town hall. Alternatively, fireworks were rounded off from the ship to the height of the crane. At over twenty minutes long, it lasted almost twice as long as tomorrow's farewell fireworks, which will once again be rounded off by michaelsberg.

Traffic club: 'traffic lights' should reconsider speed limit

The verkehrsclub deutschland has called on the SPD, the greens and the FDP to reconsider their rejection of a general speed limit on highways.

"The fact that the FDP has already cashed in on the speed limit on freeways, leaving germany as the last industrialized country without a speed limit on freeways, is disappointing and not sustainable in the long term," michael muller-gornert, transport policy spokesman for the german transport club (VCD), told the german press agency.

A general speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on highways would have roughly the same climate effect as at least one million fewer cars on the roads. In addition, there is the effect on traffic safety with fewer traffic fatalities.

Brose bamberg improves

Two days after the 55-86 defeat at FC bayern munchen, the basketball players of brose bamberg presented themselves in much better shape on saturday afternoon in ulm. By the break, they had already scored almost as many points as the team in the state capital had scored in the entire match. Coach johan roijakkers’ team won 97:70 (52:38) at their swabian bundesliga rivals and celebrated their second victory in the seventh test game.

At the same time, the team from bamberg took revenge for the "first leg". Because at the start of preparation they had to admit defeat to the swabians in the hauptsmoor training center with 69:90. Four players scored in double figures for the bambergers. Top scorer chris sengfelder (20) played through the first quarter and finished with twelve digits in that one. Point guard bennet hundt turned it up after the break, scoring 13 of his 19 points in the second half, including three threes. In addition, he gave five assists and received eight minutes more playing time than tyler larson (4/1).

"I am very satisfied today. We played with rough energy. And he did it for the full 40 minutes. This is also reflected in the result. If you keep the energy level up throughout, you get into a good rhythm, you get good, open shots. That was the key to victory today.", rojiakkers said. His team came up with a good 23 assists (ulm 10) and won the rebound duel clearly (39:25). Under the baskets, david kravish (9 points/8 rebounds) clearly overshadowed dylan osetkowski (2/1), the center from ulm who was still strong in the first duel.

Angerwehr bridge can be safely crossed again

The renovation of the angerwehr bridge has been completed. Last week, the fubganger bridge was returned to its old location after extensive renovation work. Mayor jens korn ( CSU ) presents the project to the city council in its youngest meeting.

Part of the work was done by the building yard, and now people can cross the bridge again with a clear conscience, said the mayor.

Citizen participation is the primary goal of the geuser village renewal project. The traffic square and the playground are to be retained, and the fountain is to be upgraded. A rough challenge is the watering of the traffic routes.

ts herzogenaurach dominates derby opponent

TS herzogenaurach’s bavarian league women’s handball team returned from the derby in erlangen with an impressive canter victory. At least after this memorable 38:23 of the previous third in the table at the second in the table, coach hans-jurgen kastl’s proteges know that they are on the right track.
Injuries and absences from work have left the TSH squad shorthanded at the start of the season, but the young team showed at its neighbors’ that it can be expected to do anything this year – and that the possibility of setbacks is not excluded. That’s why the team is not euphoric after the victory and especially the way it came about.

HC erlangen – TS herzogenaurach 23:38

As announced in the preliminary report, not only two neighbors in terms of table and geography met in the karl-heinz-hiersemann-hall, but also players who have known each other for years and for a long time also wore the same jerseys played. The TS coach had explained several times that the encounter was not about prestige, but only about winning and gaining further self-confidence with such a strong opponent with a success.

Nevertheless, it was a concern for laura wedrich, julia friedl (who was able to participate at short notice) and kristin lang, who had changed from the HC youth to the TSH, to show the people in charge in erlangen that they had also been able to hold their own at the HC. The guests managed to impose their tactics both defensively and offensively in a good encounter lasting practically 60 minutes. With a concentrated and this time very compact 6:0 defense, TSH forced the opponents mostly into unfavorable throwing situations and disrupted the top scorers at the right time.

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