Anton schick and his pearls of gastronomy

Anton schick and his pearls of gastronomy

Anyone who wants to go out for a good burger, upscale or even star-level meal in bad kissingen will have to start thinking about whether it might not be better to get in good with toni schick. All kidding aside, this is of course an exaggeration. Nevertheless, it can hardly be denied that the contractor and 2. Burgermeister acquires one pearl of the bad kissingen gastronomic landscape after the other.

The wine bar schubert in the kirchgasse belongs to schick since 2009. The cellar in zwingergasse, which at the time was intended as a kind of satellite of schubert, has not long ago become the vinothek florian forg. He acquired the bratwurstglockle in grabengasse in 2015. The currently closed weinstube hofmann in weingasse was added to schick's gastronomic portfolio two years ago. In 2015, he bought the palais erthal on von der tannstrabe, which is still waiting to be revived as a viennese coffeehouse, from the city of vienna. And the latest achievement is laudensack's parkhotel including a star restaurant (see report below).

Classic kissing architecture

What schick currently cites as one of the reasons for his involvement with laudensack can actually also be applied to his now five other catering properties in bad kissingen. "Interest in kissingen's classic architecture and historic buildings" can be assumed in different weighting basically as a motive in all mentioned houses. Schubert's, erthal's and bratwurst's bells each have a special significance in terms of building and city history.

Hermann laudensack, who obviously did not only think about the price but also about the future of his life's work when he sold his hotel and restaurant, was "happy" about the fact that with the sale to schick, he had found a solution that would suit his "villa fur genuss ensures the continuity.

The departure from the hotel with 30 employees, 21 rooms, 34 beds and a flagship restaurant, whose kitchen has been adorned with a michelin star since 1993, did not come abruptly. Laudensack has been hotel director since the beginning of the month. Together with restaurant manager thomas huttl and cake chef frederik desch, the 63-year-old is the operations manager of the company run by schick.

For schick, this has the advantage that he does not have to worry at all about the seamless continuation of the operation of the new acquisition. Finding a new solution for the weinstube hofmann in the weingasse is not a problem for him either.

Perspective for the palais erthal

On the edge of the talk about laudensack's parkhotel, he finally even shows a perspective for the palais erthal. Because of this former pleasure palace, which he acquired from the city more than five years ago with the surrender of further gastronomic use, the 2. Mayor of the city repeatedly criticized. "I woman, that is my point of wonder", he says about the object, whose already several times announced renovation has not yet taken place. Currently, explains schick, the architectural firm commissioned with the project is in the final stages of work on the building application. This is a prerequisite to make this pearl of the gastronomic landscape of kissing shine again.

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