Angerwehr bridge can be safely crossed again

Angerwehr bridge can be safely crossed again


The renovation of the angerwehr bridge has been completed. Last week, the fubganger bridge was returned to its old location after extensive renovation work. Mayor jens korn ( CSU ) presents the project to the city council in its youngest meeting.

Part of the work was done by the building yard, and now people can cross the bridge again with a clear conscience, said the mayor.

Citizen participation is the primary goal of the geuser village renewal project. The traffic square and the playground are to be retained, and the fountain is to be upgraded. A rough challenge is the watering of the traffic routes.

Managing director christoph hohlweg said that they were "well on track" with the schoolhouse renovation in wolfersgrun. There have been some changes in the fire station in wallenfels, which have been incorporated into a new architecture. The team is confident that construction can begin in may as planned.

Jens korn spoke about the structural changes at the market place 4. Auberlich, there was a standstill due to some changes in the metal construction. In the former schmidtbank the contract for the gutting of the building was awarded, the work is going very fast, said the mayor.

The year 2021 went differently than hoped, one could not, despite effective vaccines, to return to normal life. For wallenfels it was nevertheless not a lost year. A lot has happened, the town has moved forward again.

In kellerstrabe, after demolition and redesign, a beautiful project was completed. The same applies to the school, where an elevator has been installed thanks to the KIP-S project. After a long preparatory phase, construction work on the old schoolhouse in wolfersgrun is to be completed next year.

High demand in sight

Work is being done on the marketplace in several places. For the road renovation at the fallen wood, a 90-percent demand has been promised. New construction of fire station receives wind of support.

According to korn, projects with costs of five million are planned for the next year. The debt level is below five million euros for the first time in 25 years. The economic situation is good, so one can count on 1.3 million euros in business tax this year.

The mayor regretted that in recent times the understanding has been visibly lost. This is particularly evident in the case of corona. In these difficult times, the volunteers should be taken as a role model. He expressed his gratitude to the water rescue service for their efforts at the test station.

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