After 18 years, conductor rudolf ebert passes on the baton to christoph ebert

In the year 2000, as the newly appointed conductor of the "bibergauer exactly the concert with which he now said goodbye: rudolf ebert conducted on sunday, 23. December, for the last time the christmas concert in the packed bibergau parish church. In these 18 years, he has shaped the band into a dedicated ensemble that has become known even beyond the borders of france. This is how the "bibergauers" took care he played at countless wine, garden and music festivals, participated in carnival parades or played at the church fair and the mountain festival in bibergau.

From "great performances for example in breuna (hesse) or at the folk festival in nurnberg spoke the 1. Chairwoman of the music association, simone riedmann. "There was no performance without our conductor rudolf", praised it, as well as his commitment to youth work. Ebert has always understood how to set new impulses and how to master the balancing act between wind and mood music. "We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment, your efforts and the time you have given to the band", she said.

"Music out of passion" is the motto of the "bibergauer, and this was also to be felt at the acclaimed christmas concert. The 25-strong band presented a colorful mixture of swing, pop and traditional pieces and set the mood for christmas in a way that was as lively as it was sensitive. Not only did the large orchestra show its skills, but the musicians were also convincing in small ensembles z.B. Only trumpets, woodwinds or the junior band with pieces like "take five, "one moment in time" or handels "hallelujah. Standing ovations at the end were the audience’s thanks to the orchestra and the outgoing conductor rudolf ebert.

His successor will be 30-year-old christoph ebert. The state-certified conductor has been leading the young musicians’ group for several years. His uncle rudolf remains faithful to the band. He steps back into the second row, as simone riedmann remarked with a wink. As a trumpeter, he sits behind the woodwinds.

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