Aero-club bamberg falls behind by two places

In the eleventh round of the national gliding league, the "weather gods" did not love no boredom. This time he was flying in weak blue thermals with a low working altitude and thus a high risk of eavesdropping for the pilots. The team of the bamberger aero-club had the misfortune that the probably highest point flight of reinhold rub in the ASH25 could not be submitted due to technical problems with the logger.

Since only two other pilots made the minimum score due to weather conditions, they were relegated to 21st place. The team slipped from ninth to eleventh place in the overall standings.

Harald gerlacher agonized in sweltering heat with his ASW22 to sonneberg in the thuringian forest and via the friesener warte back to bamberg. With an evaluation distance of 145 km related to two and a half hours he came so on a cut of 58 km/h. After the index correction, which compensates for differences in aircraft performance, his team was credited with 50.3 speed points.

Horst singer first tested the fichtelgebirge mountains near goldkronach with his EB29, before turning north on the jerk flight near punzendorf. After the turn over spittelstein east of coburg he had at bad staffelstein his two and a half hours full, which pay for the league rating. During this time, he flew 161 km at an average speed of 64 km/h, which earned the aero-club index-adjusted 53.57 speed points. 

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