A real false alarm is rare

On tuesday morning, the sirens sounded once again in hochstadt. Only a few minutes later, loud martinshorns startled the residents of the inner city. "Fire alarm at the company imo in gremsdorf" love the base defense. No sooner had the hochstadt firefighters set off than they were allowed to turn back again. There had been an alarm, but nothing burned.

On site at the imo site, eight active members of the gremsdorf fire department already had everything under control. "A power failure in the company triggered an alarm at the security company", the experts of the gremsdorf fire department had quickly determined. They too were soon able to take off again.

Only if the control center is wrong
Wolfgang glotz, commander in hochstadt, did not like to speak of a false alarm, however. Glotz rushed to the scene of the fire in gremsdorf, as did district fire inspector hubert johna and district fire chief reiner kugler. For the three residents of hochstadt, it's a matter of course that the fire department goes to every alarm.

"Something went off", says commander glotz. "We go there, check the annunciators and look around." The helpers are not satisfied until they have found the cause of the alarm. The emergency services only speak of a false alarm when the control center recalls the firefighters who have been called out because it has given them incorrect information.

An alarm like the one in gremsdorf on tuesday shows the three hochstadt fire department managers "that the fire alarm systems are working". Thanks to the early alerting, the damage is much smaller today than it used to be. It's no problem for the active firefighters to go out once more without having to fight a fire, assures commander wolfgang glotz.

In the statistics of the hochstadt fire department, there are already 13 fire alarm system alarms for this year in which there was no fire. Firefighters are only convinced that there is no fire when the first attack squad, wearing breathing protection and carrying a small extinguisher, has reached the alarm that has gone off.

Effort is not in vain
Fire department operations like the one in gremsdorf will be charged to the companies involved by the way. A fee schedule regulates how much has to be paid. The city or municipal administrations of the individual fire departments send out the invoices. The printout of the hochstadter active on tuesday will strike according to estimate of the commandant with 300 to 400 euro to book. The two gremsdorf vehicles are charged extra by the municipality of gremsdorf.

But it's not only firefighters who go out without having to intervene when fire alarms go off. Glotz remembers in the recent past legally announced hay burnings, which were interpreted by attentive burgers from afar as forest fire. A reported car fire on the B 505 turned out to be a dust turbulence of a vehicle driving over a nearby field path.

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