A plea for live music

While the lights are going out elsewhere in terms of live music, in altenkunstadt they continue to rely on handmade music. "With our ‘kill the DJ’ event series, we want to show that live music still has its justification. We hope to see many fans who will come and show their support for homemade music and the regional rock scene", says drummer markus rubel, who had the idea for the concert series with his band black daffodils. The young man comes from neukenroth in the district of kronach.
What prompted him to create a festival series in altenkunstadt?? "Nepomuk’ enjoys a good reputation for live music. For years, music lovers have been organizing live concerts here in their free time on a voluntary basis. I think that’s great."
In contrast to the series of events "rock in the forest" and "road to rock, which are also organized on a voluntary basis, will be held at "kill the DJ" taking the somewhat harder line. "But it will not go into the very hard black or death metal corner", the organizer reassures.

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