30-Year-old deals fist blow

In the train station area in the brennerstrabe, two men got into a fight on tuesday afternoon, during which a 30-year-old man punched his 37-year-old opponent in the left eye. The victim had to be taken to hospital with minor injuries. Cathedral visitors put a stop to a particularly brazen theft at the cathedral as early as last friday afternoon. In broad daylight and despite the large number of visitors, an initially unknown perpetrator managed to open the sacrificial stick with a bolt cutter and remove the small change inside. Before the man could help himself to a second victim's stick, he was approached by courageous cathedral visitors, whereupon he fled. The witnesses had the presence of mind to take pictures with their cell phones, which helped the police to identify a 25-year-old as the perpetrator. Holder arises damage of 2000 euro in the schutzen underground garage was on monday between 12.45 and 14 o'clock a brown BMW X 3 was hit on the right rear by an unknown person, causing property damage of about 2000 euros to the vehicle owner. Seat now has scratch marks in the new autumn grave was found on tuesday between 16.15 and 18 o'clock a black seat hit. The car had clear scratch marks on the left side of the vehicle, which is why the vehicle owner suffered property damage of about 1,000 euros. 

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